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20"x10" 1915 Cyclone

20"x10" 1915 Cyclone

These  Signed Open Edition Chromaluxe® Aluminum prints are made to order. Wall floats are pre-attached to the back of the print and float 3/4 inch off the wall when hung. Super easy to hang with one or two nails.

Ships in 5-7 days.


  • 1915 Cyclone

    Cyclone is a motorcycle that was manufactured by Joerns Motor Manufacturing Company located in St. Paul, Minnesota from 1912 through 1917. The Cyclone’s most unique feature was its overhead camshaft V-twin engine.Cyclone quickly earned a reputation as a giant killer, handily beating machines from established manufacturers like Indian and Excelsior. In the fall of 1913, rider J.A. “Jock” McNeil reportedly piloted a Cyclone to a then-unbelievable speed of 108 MPH at a board track in Minneapolis. Only a few Cyclones are still known to exist.

$250.00 Regular Price
$225.00Sale Price
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