Limited Edition Aluminum Print 24"x48"

These prints are signed and numbered. Each print has a unique holographic serial number that corresponds with the provided COA (certificate of authenticity)

The price of limited edition prints increases as prints sell out.

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These Chromaluxe® Aluminum prints are made to order.

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48"x 24" Limited Edition Aluminum Print 1950 Vincent Black Lightning

  • Just 30 Black Lightnings were built between 1949-1952. Today these are among the most coveted and valuable motorcycles in the world. Only 19 still known to exist, mostly owned by museums or private collections. Few are regularly run—much less raced—which makes this Black Lightning such a special machine.The owner of this bike holds a AMA record speed of 145.804 MPH vintage class, and plans to try for a 150.00 MPH run at Bonneville in 2019.


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