30"x 20" Archival Poster 1926 Whippet Speedster

Printed with Archival pigment inks.

These signed Open Edition prints come ready to frame and will fit into any 30"x20" store bought frame.

These prints were designed with versatility in mind. For a more Fine Art look the discription text can be cut off along the top of the of the text giving the print a clean two inch boarder. The print will then need a custom frame.


30"x 20" Poster. Easily slips into any available 20"x 30"frame.

  • Whippets were produced by Willy-Overland

    between 1926 and 1931. Whippets were popular

    with racers because they were lightweight and

    fast. Many companies offered aftermarket speed

    equipment to modify these production vehicles.

    This Whippet is fitted with a streamline rear body section by FAULTLESS American top and body co.