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"It's on the wall in time for our grand opening in two hours. We LOVE it!! Thanks, Derek!"

Roberta W.

Compass Real Estate office

Bellevue, Washington 

Piece owned,  96"x 48" 1930 Harley-Davidson

1930 HDVCmain.jpg

"Hi Derek, thanks for following up! The print is ANAZING. Joseph is so so happy with it, It is definitely our forever piece!"

Rachael R.

Seattle, Washington

Piece owned,  96"x 48" 1933 Indian Motoplane


“I have seen 1000’s of photographs of motorcycles as art. Yours is the only stuff

that has stood out. Your images are the best I have ever seen.

Thank you for the work you do.”

Sean P. 

Washington State

Piece owned,  48"x 24' 1950 Vincent Black Lightning.

19560 VincentBL.jpg

“Hi Derek, Saw your work today and was in absolute awe. I instantly became a


Raul L.

Miami, Florida

Piece owned,   72"x 36" 1916 Henderson


“We’re building a house around it, literally! “

Debbie C. 

La Quinta, California

Piece owned,    96"x 48"  1920 Whippet Speedster


"Absolutely stunning picture of an amazing bike. I have it above my desk and I cant stop admiring it. Cant tell you how pleased I am with this. Delivered surprisingly quickly as well. Many thanks.".

Jon G.

United Kingdom

Piece owned,  20"x 10" 1950 Vincent Black Lightning


“Thanks Derek, It's really a beautiful piece of work. It was the standard by which I measured all other art I saw on that trip and nothing else compared!"

On a recent trip to Carmel.

Bob S. 


Piece owned,  48"x 24"1933 Indian Motoplane


"Got the piece yesterday. Gorgeous! Packaged perfectly, couldn't be happier. Thanks for everything".

Lenny H.

New York

Piece owned,  48"x 24" 1916 Henderson


"My boyfriend is SO hard to please when it comes to gifts. But not this time - He LOVED this one. Beautiful."

Mary W. 

New York.

Piece owned,  30"x 20"  1911 Triumph

1911 TRIUMPH POSTER_edited.jpg
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